The perfect match Lentil & Quinoa

Quinoa and Lentils are jam packed with nutrients and health benefits.  They make a great alternative to rice dishes, reasonably priced, absorb flavours and make a filling meal a must have in your diet. Lentils Members of the legume plant family and are considered an edible pulse. Super cheap and versatile. They come in various…… Continue reading The perfect match Lentil & Quinoa

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Nutsatic Pancakes

If you enjoyed our very berry pancake we have another delicious pancake recipe for you with….. wait for it HEALTHY ‘NUTELLA’  free from crap and it’s 100% plant based. Roasted Banana & Cacao Pancakes with Crushed Hazelnut and Cacao drizzle (plant based Nutella) The recipe below makes one stack of pancakes but double or triple…… Continue reading Nutsatic Pancakes

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Apple Crumble

Not only is this warming dish dairy, refined sugar and processed ingredient free. It’s also super simple to make. Enjoy! Crumble Mixture Ingredients Measurements  Amount Oat Flour Cup 2 Vegan Butter Cup 1 Coconut Sugar Tsp 2 Apple Mixture Ingredients Measurements  Amount Coconut Sugar Tsp 4 Water Cup 1/2 Cinnamon Tsp 4 Directions: Apple Mixture…… Continue reading Apple Crumble