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Nutsatic Pancakes

If you enjoyed our very berry pancake we have another delicious pancake recipe for you with….. wait for it HEALTHY ‘NUTELLA’¬† free from crap and it’s 100% plant based. Roasted Banana & Cacao Pancakes with Crushed Hazelnut and Cacao drizzle (plant based Nutella) The recipe below makes one stack of pancakes but double or triple… Continue reading Nutsatic Pancakes

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Apple Crumble

Not only is this warming dish dairy, refined sugar and processed ingredient free. It’s also super simple to make. Enjoy! Crumble Mixture Ingredients Measurements ¬†Amount Oat Flour Cup 2 Vegan Butter Cup 1 Coconut Sugar Tsp 2 Apple Mixture Ingredients Measurements ¬†Amount Coconut Sugar Tsp 4 Water Cup 1/2 Cinnamon Tsp 4 Directions: Apple Mixture… Continue reading Apple Crumble

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Sweet Potato & Plantain Burgers

Super Simple deliciously filling! ¬†Ingredients Measurements ¬†Amount Sweet Potato Large 1 Plantain Large Half Garlic Clove 1 1 Sea salt Too taste – Black peppercorn Too taste 2 Paprika ¬†Too taste ¬†– Olive Oil Teaspoon 1 Mixed Seeds (Chia, Flax, Hemp) Teaspoon 3 Directions:¬†Double, Triple or even Quadruple recipe for more Wash Sweet Potato and… Continue reading Sweet Potato & Plantain Burgers