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Rainbow Stir Fry

Ever had one of those days when cooking feels like the last thing you want to do. This recipe is perfect for beginners, ready in under 10minutes and keeps things healthy and nutritious. As this recipe is very flexible feel free to adjust quantities!  Ingredients Measurements  Amount Carrots Medium 2 Brocoli Floret 1/4 Mushrooms 5…… Continue reading Rainbow Stir Fry

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Sweet Potato & Plantain Burgers

Super Simple deliciously filling!  Ingredients Measurements  Amount Sweet Potato Large 1 Plantain Large Half Garlic Clove 1 1 Sea salt Too taste – Black peppercorn Too taste 2 Paprika  Too taste  – Olive Oil Teaspoon 1 Mixed Seeds (Chia, Flax, Hemp) Teaspoon 3 Directions: Double, Triple or even Quadruple recipe for more Wash Sweet Potato and…… Continue reading Sweet Potato & Plantain Burgers