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Rainbow Stir Fry

Ever had one of those days when cooking feels like the last thing you want to do. This recipe is perfect for beginners, ready in under 10minutes and keeps things healthy and nutritious. As this recipe is very flexible feel free to adjust quantities!  Ingredients Measurements  Amount Carrots Medium 2 Brocoli Floret 1/4 Mushrooms 5…… Continue reading Rainbow Stir Fry

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Plant Based Live

**Be warned lots of foodie pics!** This weekend I attended Plant Based Live upon arrival I was directed to collect my goody bag and boy oh boy was it full of goodies. Ape Coconut Puffs Bounce Balls Rebel Mylk Lucy Bee Turmeric Powder Lucy Bee Lucuma Powder Lucy Bee Cinnamon Powder Sweet Freedom Choc pot Heck sausages There were informative talks…… Continue reading Plant Based Live

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Summer Caribbean Salad

When the weather is nice you probably wouldn’t want to be in the kitchen for too long. Give our Caribbean Salad a try, perfect for summer get-togethers. As always you can add or take out to make this dish uniquely yours.  Ingredients Measurements  Amount Mixed Peppers (Capsicum) Large 1/2 each Chickpea Cup 1 Spinach Cup…… Continue reading Summer Caribbean Salad

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Pecan, Parsnip & Beet Salad

We are kicking ourselves for only just creating this recipe as we are on the cusp of saying goodbye to parsnip season. A mixture of flavours and textures this is definitely what plant based is about. As always you can add or take out to make this dish uniquely yours.  Ingredients Measurements  Amount Parsnips Large 3…… Continue reading Pecan, Parsnip & Beet Salad

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Lentil & Quinoa SIDE DISH

Follow the below recipe for this tasty side dish using our Lentil & Quinoa match.  Ingredients Measurements  Amount Brown Lentils Cup 1 Quinoa Cup 2 Turmeric Teaspoons 2 Fresh Thyme Branch 3 On the hob Rinse,boil on a medium heat and cover until soft Easiest 1. Rinse and place both ingredients into rice cooker with…… Continue reading Lentil & Quinoa SIDE DISH