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Plant Based Live

**Be warned lots of foodie pics!**

This weekend I attended Plant Based Live upon arrival I was directed to collect my goody bag and boy oh boy was it full of goodies.


There were informative talks and demonstrations that covered areas of interests for all types of eaters. Truthfully it was so difficult to choose between attending the demos, talks and visiting the stalls.


Ella Magers

The stalls offered a variety of plant-based items from clothing, sweet treats to handmade body products. The owners that I came across were approachable and lovely. Had many conversations about where they were on their journey and what’s next. It’s inspiring!

Admittedly it was quite difficult at times to distinguish the owners because the staff that was helping with products (usually family, partners and friends) shared the same passion and enthusiasm with what was being offered you couldn’t tell who was who. Now that’s a support system!

Amongst the many free food samples like Clives pies 


I came across some of the tastiest cashew cheese from New Roots. I could have eaten the lot particularly the Herbes de Provence. It’s a must try.


A couple of my faves was Flexi a local Caribbean restaurant owner from south London. Gave me a refreshing pick me up with a cool Lime, Ginger and Mint water. This would make a great infusion for the Revive Bottle


Another fave was these beautifully handmade scents from HappyScents.


Usually at events, if you are searching for a bit of plant-based munch you will often find yourself restricted to a certain stall and/or paying overpriced. But I must say it was so refreshing to have many options available. Like the abundance box from Pollen + Grace


After much deliberating on a meal I decided on this tastelicious (is that even a word?) Red devil burger from the Green Grill with its Beetroot bun, red kidney beans, sweet potato and Piri Piri sauce with a side of nachos. Felt more like heaven it was tasty, filling and exciting to eat it took vegan burgers to a whole new level.


If only it stopped there, you can build up quite an appetite at these kinds of events and I had a taste of the falafel and wait for it VEGAN halloumi wrap from Greek Vegan Deli.

OK so halloumi will always be halloumi but the plant-based impression had its own unique tasty flavour and maintained that rubbery halloumi texture you will expect to find in the dairy version. Not bad for a sub.



I closed the day off with a visit to Froconut with their instagram worthy super tasty coconut ice-cream alternative which is made using plant-based ingredients served up in fresh half coconuts and topped with handmade Peanut butter crisp – Chocolate crunchy clusters, peanut butter sauce & raspberries. AH-MAZING!


After a very long but eventful day dinner was quick and easy heck hot dogs with Chef Bernies sweet pepper mustard.


The rest of my evening was spent relaxing with the duvet, hot cuppa while indulging in the most delicious banoffee slice from Nora & Nama. No pics I’m afraid because I inhaled it!

How can I forget to mention my new fave couple the bronut, when a brownie meets a doughnut. Opted for the dragonfruit flavour and it was the absolute BOMB find it over at Norahs Brownies


A final note to say that these events are for everyone to attend and a great place to go if you are need of inspiration to make the positive changes in your life. You can also really benefit from being amongst like-minded people.

Now excuse me I’m off to surf the net for the best price Vitamix because that demo was an absolute game changer.

Have an awesome week!




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