Superhero Plants

Plants we all know how good they are for us.
You probably still have those memories of being told to eat your greens, spinach makes you strong and carrots give you great eyesight.

So why have these once heroes become the villains?

Despite evidence suggesting how the general populations’ current way of eating is having detrimental effects on our health and environment.

There still seems to be a lot of uncertainity surrounding the first steps to eating plant-based. To help you out we have listed our top 3 Key things to know in getting started:


  • Look at eating plant-based as an exciting learning experience
  • You will be taking ownership back of your own health
  • It will have a positive impact on yourself and those around
  • Plants are the prevention and the cure. Winning!

Keep it simple

With the abundance of food choices, flavours and access to food 24/7 it’s clear to see that anything out of that realm of ‘normal’ will seem challenging.

What you have to understand about plant-based especially when it comes to cooking is keep it simple. Grains, veg and hummus can make a hearty meal.

You can also try gradually incorporating plant-based foods into your meals and snacks by using minimal ingredients such as apples and peanut butter.

Here are some recipes to try

  1. Lentil & Quinoa to replace white rice
  2. Hearty salads with ingredients such as chickpeas
  3. Flipping good pancakes 

Do what works for you

We can’t stress this enough how small changes often lead to big results.

By reducing or eliminating the C.R.A.P (Carbonated drinks, Refined food, Artificial flavourings and Processed Food) including meat and dairy, you will most likely see positive differences within a matter of days.

When preparing your meals try not smother it with any ingredients that fall into the above list. Example of this may be a fruit salad which is great on its own but once lathered with a Greek yogurt and drizzled with honey it will offset the nutritional content.

Forgot about the labels like Vegetarian, Vegan, flexetarian etc take each day as it comes with an awareness to make conscious decisions when making food choices.

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*please see a doctor before making any dietary changes


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