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Lentil & Quinoa SIDE DISH

Follow the below recipe for this tasty side dish using our Lentil & Quinoa match.

 Ingredients Measurements  Amount
Brown Lentils Cup 1
Quinoa Cup 2
Turmeric Teaspoons 2
Fresh Thyme Branch 3

On the hob
Rinse,boil on a medium heat and cover until soft


1. Rinse and place both ingredients into rice cooker with water above 2cm.
2. Add Salt, Pepper,Thyme and Turmeric to mix
3. Pop in a rice cooker, cover with the lid and let it do the work!
4. Stir and add more water if necessary during cooking until soft
5.  Still not soft? You may have to adjust rice settings back to the ‘cook’ function
6. Once Lentil and Quinoa is cooked add Fresh spinach
7. Serve alongside your mains

Other options
Warm vegetable? Recipe here
Why not try the salad recipe
Don’t forget to stay on track with your water intake using the Revive bottle.


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