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Nutsatic Pancakes

If you enjoyed our very berry pancake we have another delicious pancake recipe for you with….. wait for it HEALTHY ‘NUTELLA’  free from crap and it’s 100% plant based.

Roasted Banana & Cacao Pancakes with Crushed Hazelnut and Cacao drizzle (plant based Nutella)

The recipe below makes one stack of pancakes but double or triple if you decide to share.

 Ingredients Measurements  Amount
Oat Flour Cup 1
Plant Based Milk Cup 1
Cacao Teaspoon 2
Banana Medium 1/2
Chia Seeds Teaspoon 4


 Nutty Topping
 Ingredients Measurements  Amount
Banana Medium 1 & 1/2
Hazelnuts Teaspoon 2,3,4 or more
Plant Based Nutella Recipe here 1/2
Banana Medium 2
Raspberry To taste


  • Oat Flour
    Blend oats first in blender until it resembles a fine flour
    Add the rest of the pancake ingredients and blend
    Allow to sit for 5 minutes to thicken as the Chia seeds expand.
  • Using a large frying pan and add the coconut oil on a medium heat.
  • Once oil has melted measure out mixture into a 1/4 cup and then pour it slowly, towards the centre of pan. Try to leave an inch of space between pancakes to allow spreading.
  • Leave until you can see the edges medium browning and test with a spatula to see if it lifts easily
  • Once the edges indicate a golden brown flip pancakes over spatula
  • Repeat process until mixture is finished

Pancake Filling

  • Slice bananas and put in between pancake layers (lets stack it up)
  • Pop into oven for 5mins on a medium heat to roast bananas.
  • Take out to add toppings

Nutty Topping

  • Drizzle ‘Nutella’ over the pancakes
  • Add raspberries or fruit of choice
  • Lightly blend hazelnuts into chunky pieces sprinkle and complete your creation

This is one of our fave recipes so far. Definitely a sweet tooth fix.




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