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Get in Shape!

January is the best and worst time for change.

If you’ve signed up to the gym, bought an at home exercise workout, filled your fridge with Kale, Kale and more Kale you are probably alongside the majority who are all geared up towards implementing a healthier lifestyle.
However not many know how to do this for long and by February the train of change has run its course and many will revert back to old ways.

We have 5 ways to begin your journey to a healthier lifestyle and stick to it.

Give your body time to recover and repair itself from your day it’s just as important!

Drink, Drink and Drink some more you know we have you covered with our Revive Bottle

Start moving around more even dancing to your fave tracks can help check out 3 ways to kick start your fitness here

Have a positive mindset and be kind to you immediate changes won’t happen overnight but patience is key.

Include a good portion size of fruit and vegetables with every meal seasoned with fresh ingredients lightly boiled and steamed. If it didn’t grow from the earth reduce, eliminate or substitute and

Keep it simple to begin, don’t over complicate and be patient

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We also have a workshop taking place in the Wembley area on Saturday 20th January 11am-1pm register for your free place NOW.



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