3 ways to Kick start your fitness journey

If you need a bit of motivation here are 3 great ways to kick start your fitness.

Gym: Pay as you go gym
Most gyms are 0 month contracts right now offering £0 joining fees this month but you can still pay as you go which gives you the most flexible way to visit your chosen gym. Puts you in control with no long-term commitment

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Indoor :Formation Movement- GRIME HIIT
This 30 minute class is designed to strengthen and tone your core muscles and give you a full body workout that maximises fat and calorie burning. Perfect if you are short on time but wanna get your grove on. Sound-tracked by the best Grime Music. A dribble of the old with the best flavouring of the new!

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Outdoor : ‘Make running a lifestyle’
Run with Andy is a free and friendly walking & running group which aims to make running fun, rewarding and enjoyable! Sessions happen twice a week for Adults, both guys & girls, consisting of walking and running sessions shown in the below links! A beginners level running route is provided, as well as the use of an outdoor gym at One Tree Hill Park, so why not come along and try a walk or a run!

Next run Tuesday 9th January 6.45pm
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Check out our post on how to get in S.H.A.P.E


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