What’s your next move?

I quite enjoy playing chess can’t say I’m anywhere near tournament ready! But I like a good game.

My nephew wanted to play for the first time. Before starting I asked him does he understand the rules and would he like me to go over them with him?
He confidently explained he read the rules and needs no further help.

Within 10 mins he soon found himself getting really frustrated.  His pieces were getting captured especially the ones he had considered ‘valuable’.

I paused the game and asked

Aunty : “What is the objective of the game?”

Nephew : “To win!!!”

Aunty: “And how do you do that?”
It soon became apparent this was not an answer he had thought about.

“1) To capture the king
2) Are you aware of your strongest piece?
3) Do you know why you aren’t winning?
You were so busy focusing on getting as much of my pieces as possible you overlooked protecting whats yours.
You didn’t value the most valuable piece in this case the Queen.
Which made it easy for me to take your pieces.”

He is only 10 and Aunty may not be making sense just yet…..

However I believe this also transfers into life a lesson most adults are yet to learn.
We can focus on the wrong things believing we are on the ‘right’ path and end up getting caught more interested in what others are doing and overlooking what’s right in front of your face and losing valuable opportunities.

You can’t win if you are not focused, strategic and with a plan.



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