Time to Get Kieative

Kieative Kastings was founded by Kiehla a young mum on a mission. Kiehla is a professionally qualified beauty therapist, specialising in MU artistry, with a passion for SFX/Prosthetics MU where she trained in techniques and skills of 3D moulding and life casting.

Growing through the journey of motherhood she would collect trinkets of her sons early years lots of hand/foot paint/ink prints, a load of photos, anything to capture the precious moments as time flies by.

Kiehla took advantage in practising her artistic flair by combining the two and started casting friends and family asking for the pleasure to cast pregnant bellies making them into art pieces which can be kept either for newborn photo-shoots or keepsakes to display at home. This further developed into belly bowls unique home ornaments brilliant mantle piece must haves.

Coming from a large family and unfortunately experiencing the loss of loved ones, a light bulb moment happened when a cousin was facing his last moments as he was born with an heart defect sadly passed away, with the help of the funeral directors Kiehla casted his hands to give to her grieving Uncle so forever he’ll have his sons hand to hug and hold.


Entwining all these emotional roller coaster’s, skills and being an natural born passionate creative soul, KIEATIVE  KASTINGS was born in 2015 (formerly named Endless love castings, but re-branded to a more personal level) and her business of 3D life casts for babies, children and adults, giving them a quirky finish to be displayed in the home as well as blessing those with a sentimental keepsake to last a lifetime.

Life Castings are endless loved pieces, limitless of designs, being life sized replicas each cast is unique, bespoke and special in each and every way. Another perfect testimonial of the beginning of Kieative also got the honour to cast her great grandmother whom was a perfect client to add to the heart warming stories that are told with the simple sculptures.

Kieative Kastings is a mobile service, which means that all moulds are taken in the comforts of your own home, creating personalised keepsakes that capture fine details and hold forever lasting memories.

Perfect presents to celebrate a special milestone, birthdays, christenings, weddings, newborns, mothers/fathers, even to remember someone you dearly love whom may be near passing, or simply a gift of love for yourself.

Appointments are quick and no hassle using a safe non toxic jelly mixture which then is sealed and painted and can then be displayed either framed, wooden plinths or free standing.

A unique experience, fun for all walks of life and fantastic gifts or display pieces that have sentimental value that can be treasured forever for everyone. Handmade gift vouchers are also available perfect baby shower gift and for new mum to be. Keep your eyes peeled as Kieative has a lot of fab collabs to come and exclusive ranges launching throughout the seasons, in the near future she hopes to hold workshops and open a casting studio where friends and families can enjoy a bonding experience with a Kieative twist!
Instagram- @kieative_
Facebook- @allthingskieative


One thought on “Time to Get Kieative

  1. Thank you for the post and the support! absolutely LOVE IT xxx
    Smiling inside and out and feeling more motivated and empowered as ever, Revived! Recharged! and so READY ;D

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