Believe in you

Alongside other things that I do I’m also known for community event planning.

I have organised and planned many events in the past.
On paper my ideas sounds ludicrous especially as I’m often working with restrictive conditions such as finance and time.
I found myself introducing a vision (one to which only I could only see) which were way out of my teams comfort zones, as they varied in age and experience with some wanting finite detail, the conventional way or nothing at all, which all proved to be highly challenging.

With it being so difficult at first almost overwhelming whilst having to hold my ground.
Seeing my vision unfold and every single one of the events becoming a major success. I was able to learn a lot about myself what works, what doesn’t and how to engage with people on their level to bring out the best in them.

Being able to build up this rapport my teams now trust my vision for future events without hesitation.

What I learnt is believing in yourself is key it’s your journey and you must own it.
Own it, Embrace it and Roll with it something I only really took on board recently in other areas of life.

If you want people to treat you a certain way you have to begin with yourself believing in your capabilities even if it means walking a path you have never walked before.

Who knows the many things you able to achieve!




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