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Just V Show

A summer celebration of beautiful vegetarian and vegan food, drink and lifestyle products

  • Free Admission
  • Olympia, London
  • Friday 7th July – Sunday 9th July

Arriving at the show around midday on the Friday. The place was absolutely buzzing with people some had turned up with their pulleys (Wish I did) others were carrying a mountain of bags decorating their arms like bracelets.

Who knew there were so many people into this way of eating? It was a refreshing change.

It was a jam-packed event with lots of talks, demonstrations and cooking classes

Organic. Free Form, Vegan this place was to be for some great products and alternatives to meat, dairy and it’s by products. The right place to find Guilt free eating and living products without cruelty to animals, our bodies and the environment.

Having visited the previous year I was able to skip over some stalls and explore some more and there was definitely more as they extended further back into the hall this year with more stalls and a wellness and talk area.

New discovered products like this cool shea butter watermelon scented lip balm from FRUU an organic skin care brand Watermelon Lip Balm

Plant based pastas are ‘Our thing’ at the moment Explore Cuisine has a fantastic range such as Chickpea & Red Lentil Spaghetti and Lasagne sheets


Our best purchase was the tasty vegan chorizo sausages from Linda Mcartney food range which are just amazeballs. They came with a free cooler and with a percentage donated to those affected by Grenfell Tower. Of course we had to buy a pack or 2.

Our personal favourite the Happiness Planner a motivating planner with positive quotes and 100 day planner of happiness we will review in 100 days!Happiness Planner

We listened in on a talk from Alexandra Falgate & Chloe Cunningham Nutritional Therapists & Naturopaths about the link between food and stress (we will definitely being doing a post on this soon)

Followed by a good stretch in the wellness studio doing a Pilates class led by Claudia Fischer because weight training has taken it’s toll on the body! Stayed hydrated throughout with our Revive Bottle


The food stalls smelled amazing I mean vegan halloumi? That’s got to be winning.
Got a sweet tooth fix with a juicy sugar cane, lime and ginger juice.

Goody bags makes an event and we were given 2 and they didn’t disappoint

  • A large tub of coconut oil. WOWimg-20170707-wa00141.jpeg
  • Grounded flax-seed sachets
  • Reasonable size carex shower wash
  • Freeform panini bread

Just to name a few goodies

Some goodies & purchases

Next year will see us in attendance!



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