Change comes with Change

Summer is like a whirlwind where does the time go?
Just over half way into the year how many of you kept those resolutions?

Highlighted themes of the year so far for plant based eating

SMALL steps

Take little steps this is not an overnight job you would want long lasting changes not a 2-week fix.

TRUST yourself

Yes, you’ve tried diets, No you don’t like broccoli but have you tried giving yourself another chance? Whatever you set your mind too you can accomplish it takes time and patience.

Be KIND to you

Transitioning to a plant based way of eating can take some getting used too even for myself.

You could of had a solid week of breakfast smoothies, plant based meals and then one Thursday comes around and it’s train delays, angry customers, the kids won’t go to bed frankly you just need a sit down with a cuppa and biscuit……it’s OK your hard work is not undone just get right back on it and DO NOT EAT THE WHOLE PACK

If it doesn’t challenge you it will not change you


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