Natural Hair Care Routine Cora Curls

My hair care routine is very simple and targets those who are on a budget and ingredient conscious. I suffer from eczema and am allergic to a lot of things both naturally and chemically.

My theory is if I can eat it I can use it on my hair. My hair products are nearly all found in the kitchen.

Washing Hair

Instead of shampoo I use either:

  1. Baking powder diluted in water
  2. Apple cider Vinegar diluted in water
  3. African Black soap.


These products are great to clean out and open the pours in our scalp which can easily become blocked from product build up. (The various products we use throughout the week/month)


  • These products can often leave hair feeling dry. I make sure I oil before I wash and oil afterwards.
  • I NEVER dry with a towel but an old T-shirt as the fabric is often a lot softer on my delicate strands.
  • I also ONLY comb my hair when wet, combing dry can cause breakage.
L.O.C method (Liquid, oil and cream) 

I love the L.O.C. method except for my hair I prefer to oil on dry or damp hair then spritz with water and lock in the moisture with shea butter.

Damp hair before oiling makes it difficult for the hair to absorb the oil. Remember oil and water does not mix!)
Once I’ve done the L.O.C method I then rub my sections with my fingers for about a minute long.


These encourage the oil and water to mix with my hair strands.
I always comb from the ends up to the roots, avoiding knots and breakage.
My hair can be quite drying so I spritz every other day, sometimes every day.

The key is being able to read the signs your hair is giving out.

Drinking Water

Oh and most importantly  drinking water will hydrate your hair inside out.
I’ve also used aloe vera and occro for detangling and overall shine.

Soak them in water for an hour and pour in my curls and comb gently.

Hair Treatment

Once in a while I will make a hair treatment with eggs and olive oil.

  1. Heat the oil
  2. Mix well in a bowl and ensure your hair is covered with it.
  3. Tie your hair with a plastic bag and towel for extra heat.
  4. Leave for 1hour.
  5. Wash thoroughly.

My hair is left smooth, silky and shiny

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