New Year, New Me……Here we go

The new year new me mantra is round the corner.
Before you get carried away take a moment to read this post.

First things first your good intentions are recognised.

Secondly take advice for your journey.


  • Ask. If you’ve never really seen progress when going to the Gym. Chances are you need to mix it up. Talk to SOMEBODY the gym is a personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts playground. They can guide and direct you along your journey AND help prevent you from injuring yourself.

They can also help you to not occupy equipment by you doing the wrong things (sure             fire way to annoy the regulars) and help you do exercises that target the right areas.

  • Don’t commit to an annual gym membership if you are unsure. You could end up paying a lot of money to come out of contract. Don’t let that deter you many gyms offer flexible memberships and you can always use payasyougym to try out new gyms until you find the one for you.


  • Manage your expectations a diet of nawty food and maintenance exercises can’t be magically transformed in a short time frame Be reasonable.
  • Don’t bother with the fit teas, waist trainers,meal replacements,strict diets unless you plan to live that way for the rest of your life.
  • If you want healthy EAT IT your body responds to what you put in it.  As you shed the unnecessary pounds and replace with muscle you can then use the gym to sculpt or reach any aesthetic goals.
  • Enjoy your journey and make notes of you achievements all of them they add up.
  • Hydration is important drink up get your motivation here

Nothing happens before it’s time 

Happy New Year!


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