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Stay Hydrated

Revived Lotus has launched a bottle to help you along your well-being journey.

Measure your water

Drinking your recommended amount of water can seem daunting and hard to keep track of. The handy scale on the front of the bottle helps keep you on top of how much you are consuming.

Not forgetting a Motivational quote to keep you going.

Infuse your water

If you’re not use to water and need a hint of flavour. The handy pod can be unscrewed to pop in some flavoursome infusions. Have you seen our handy guide?

Mix your smoothies

The bottle can also be used to transport your delicious smoothies use the pod to keep it all mixed on the go.

Shake your Protein

Just finished your workout? Shake up your protein quickly


Our bottles are available in Green and Black only.

Green- An emotionally positive colour green represents the colour of growth, renewal and rebirth. Renewing and restoring depleted energy.

A sanctuary green is the space away from the stresses of modern living and the restoration of us to bring us back to a sense of well-being.
Black- Represents self-control and discipline, independence and a strong will.  ‘First step is to take one’Infuser

750ML Bottle

Mixer & Infuser pod

All our bottles are BPA Free

Order yours now


£12.99 each

2 FOR £24

UK Delivery only (exc p&p)
Max 6 per customer

Start your year right Health is Wealth



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