Patience & Persistence

The culture nowadays is fast paced  Fast Food, Fast Friends, Fast Relationships. Jobs, Clothes, Technology  and more. Nothing seems to be sustainable. Which can often feel discouraging and well just hopeless.

When it comes to a healthier balanced way of eating it may feel this way too as the scales appear to be increasing and that focus area doesn’t seem to be budging.

“Quick-fixes do not work.  All lasting inner change requires time and effort.  Persistence is the mother of personal change.  I’m not saying that it will take years to make profound changes in your life.  If you diligently apply the strategies I am sharing with you every day for only one month, you will be astonished at the results.  You will begin to tap into the highest levels of your own capacity and enter the realm of the miraculous.  But to reach this destination, you must not get hung up on the outcome.  Instead, enjoy the process of personal expansion and growth.  Ironically, the less you focus on the end result, the quicker it will come.” ~ Robin S. Sharma

What’s happening?! You’ve been doing it for weeks surely there must be progress!


Just because you can’t readily identify changes it doesn’t mean that something isn’t happening perhaps your means of measuring can be adjusted.

  • Take progress pics.
  • Ask for advice from a well informed individual.
  • Maybe there is something that can be tweaked.

What we are saying is don’t give up because its not how you envision it. Its one journey but many paths so enjoy and embrace.



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