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30 Day Vegan Challenge


The month of September saw me taking one of the biggest food challenges that I have ever done.

  1. NO MEAT
  3. NO FISH

You will be surprised the amount of food that I came across which contained a form of the ‘No, No, No’ ingredients like bread.

The vegan way of eating also highlighted some places which do not cater to vegans despite their popularity although some restaurants where happy to swap out things like cheeses and sauces for a vegan alternative.

If I was preparing my own food it was pretty straight forward but it was quite tempting to eat a lot of junk food because it is classified as ‘vegan’ mainly because it was processed quick and easy food… chips.

I enjoyed finding and making new recipes such as vegan apple crumble and cous cous burger (recipes soon!) but the hardest part was dealing with others and their opinions on my new lifestyle choice they got defensive by me saying I’m vegan, tried to tempt me out of it and also discredit what I was doing.

But I never let any of that stop me from continuing and I felt amazing for it clear skin, hair growth and overall healthy feeling.

Meal Ideas

  • Fruits with dark chocolate and chia seeds
  • Red velvet from Ms Cupcakes
  • Caribbean Dinner- Breadfruit, Roasted Carrots, Salad, Boiled Vegetables, Ackee, Rice & Peas
  • Chickpea ,Cous Cous burger served with Sweet Potato Fries, hummus & spinach leaves

What I would do differently

  1. Include more fresh vegetables and fruits. Cous Cous became a staple and those tasty Linda McCartney Sausages and burgers.
  2. Read labels carefully if buying packaged foods
  3. So pleased I saw it through would do it again initially I thought it would of been more difficult than it was.

If you are thinking of taking a vegan challenge 7 days, 14 or a month see below of places to eat out.


Las Iguanas

Ms Cupcakes

Nandos – Surprisingly

For more ideas on where to eat out check out Happy Cow

Until Next time x


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