Natural Hair Journey

Going Natural?

By that we mean no chemical straightening, no texturising and minimal heat straightening. Whether you went straight in for the big chop (where you cut off all the damaged hair), Transitioning (growing out the relaxer and trimming ends as you go along) or just want to give your hair a break.
When it comes to hair there are hundreds of products on the shelf claiming to restore and revitalise your hair.
However that is just an external temporary fix and you’re probably looking for something more permanent.

Here are a few key things to get you going:

-Black castor oil helps promote growth and health for maximum results rub into scalp every other day for 3 months
-Coconut Oil this works great for growth and moisture and can be combined with other oils (avocado, almond,castor)

-Drink plenty of water
-Start having more plant based meals

Protective Styling
Protective styles Protective styling is any style that conceals the ends of the hair protecting them from damage caused by overexposure to the elements, friction and environmental pollution. Low manipulation styling is any style that requires minimal styling or upkeep


Beginners Schedule
basic hair practices
L.O.C Method




-Search on YouTube for gurus its like having a hair mentor and join an online community such as

Use of a heat protectant for heat straightening


For curls to really pop Curling Enhancing Smoothie from Shea Moisture

For hold Eco Styler Gel alcohol free! eco-styler

What’s your healthy hair tips? Happy Hair Journey!


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