All in good time

A human baby takes 9 months to grow, a rose 6 weeks, and it can takes bees 10-20 days collecting nectar for  honey

You get the idea? Goals can be a process  with a variable time for each individual and will not just happen over night. However the important thing is to keep focused on your motivation without becoming disheartened.

Sometimes things have to be broken down into smaller portions in order to be manageable and feasible. Think of it as trying to stuff a whole apple in your mouth just not going to happen! (If you can do this I want to see pics!) Everyday life can interfere with your goals but learning to be adaptable by even allocating 10mins a day towards your goal you can build up progress.

Like a seed that needs watering and cared for so will your goals little by little and build on it. The key is Not to stop, Be kind to you, Patience is key!




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