January Health Tips

Finding it impossible to make the change? The word itself says I’m Possible!
With the new year upon us its time to implement changes and stick to them in fact it’s the beginning of the end. End of unhealthy habits and lifestyle choices.
January is a great time to start because the energy will be high however don’t be fooled it isn’t long lasting and for some  to remain motivated it can
be a hard challenge.
Here at Revived Lotus we want you to stick to it and make permanent healthy changes.
When embarking on a healthy journey there are few things to remember

                                                                                                                                                                               Lifestyle Change It WILL NOT happen over night as you are building up new habits

                                                                                                                                                                          Hardwork  There isn’t a quick solution but NEVER quit keep going no matter what because change is still change no matter how small.

Investment An investment of time and money.

  • Even if this means trading in that £30 restaurant night out with some healthy alternatives for that week.
  • Swapping a 40min episode on Netflix while you prep something vibrant and tasty to help you stay on track. Meal prep is an ongoing learning experience but try!

Responsibility  A lot of responsibility can be placed on others but ultimately you are the decision maker in your life and only you can make those changes permanent others can only guide you.

 Learning  You have to be pro-active in your information gathering.

  • Ask and don’t be shy.
  • Try not to guilt trip yourself when you ‘slip’ be proud that you now have an awareness and will try to do better next time.

Your Journey Most importantly keep in mind that your changes will be different from others as everyone’s journey is unique.

Whatever your aims be sure to track your progress for retrospection. Those aiming for weight loss or muscle gain may find photos as great way to do this.



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