Detox Diaries

My First Juice Detox experience!

Detox can be described as a way to help eliminate the body from unwanted toxins and give it a much needed reboot.

Day 1

After doing a limited vegetarian detox a few months ago. I had a rough idea of what was about to come but nonetheless it doesn’t make it any easier the 1st day will always be an uphill struggle for me.

Amidst the cravings and temptations for something A LOT more flavoursome it’s the headaches I’m not too fond of. This time round also saw me with light fatigue but what I wasn’t prepared for was the nausea and being sick

Day 2

Woke with a slight headache but felt kind of energised started to get the hang of this juicing by the evening. Almost reached a weak spot and was ready to throw the towel in as the aromatic smells of cooking were tickling my senses.

I managed to overcome this with a quick escape to the gym for what was intended to be a light workout but ended up with me doing 95% of the usual intensity.

Aside from my given juice plans I also started juicing my own fresh apple and orange juice and yes it seems a bit overkill every time you want a fresh glass of fruit but with the right tools and the peace of mind of knowing EXACTLY what is in your drink with no added sugars or funny stuff it makes it so worth it!

Day 3

As it’s now the half way point of the detox I’m totally getting into this now the cravings have started to subside and I’m getting use to my meals being in liquid form.

Body wise…….can see more definition in my abs I think my skin is starting glow.

Also learnt cooked beets don’t perform to well in a juicer as dark purple hues decorated the wall and the beet was sent to the waste compartment in the juicer.

However the best part was picking apples from the tree for juicing doesn’t get more natural and organic than that!

Day 4

Today I introduced solid vegetables although presented with the option I continued juicing the visible benefits had become addictive. A cup of tea with almond milk (slightly breaking the rules) kale chips and about 5 oranges. 

Day 5

I decided I could have my main meals solid veg and a couple of juices. Not being prepared took me by surprise as I had no brekky so opted for some fruit, water, hummus and carrots with a blended smoothie instead. However what took me by surprise was eating out and trying to work at a veg only meal with no wheat, cereal or grain although trying my hardest ended up with a rice noodle dish.


As difficult as it was to begin with this was definitely something I would want to give another shot. Getting past that first day was no easy job not to mention the smells of food constantly teasing me.

Try to remember it’s not forever and the chances are you probably will no longer desire it as much afterwards.

It’s a great way to grow, re-establish and strengthen the Mind body connection



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