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Pecan, Parsnip & Beet Salad

We are kicking ourselves for only just creating this recipe as we are on the cusp of saying goodbye to parsnip season. A mixture of flavours and textures this is definitely what plant based is about. As always you can add or take out to make this dish uniquely yours.  Ingredients Measurements  Amount Parsnips Large 3… Continue reading Pecan, Parsnip & Beet Salad

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Lentil & Quinoa SIDE DISH

Follow the below recipe for this tasty side dish using our Lentil & Quinoa match.  Ingredients Measurements  Amount Brown Lentils Cup 1 Quinoa Cup 2 Turmeric Teaspoons 2 Fresh Thyme Branch 3 On the hob Rinse,boil on a medium heat and cover until soft Easiest 1. Rinse and place both ingredients into rice cooker with… Continue reading Lentil & Quinoa SIDE DISH


The perfect match Lentil & Quinoa

Quinoa and Lentils are jam packed with nutrients and health benefits.  They make a great alternative to rice dishes, reasonably priced, absorb flavours and make a filling meal a must have in your diet. Lentils Members of the legume plant family and are considered an edible pulse. Super cheap and versatile. They come in various… Continue reading The perfect match Lentil & Quinoa